PyGy Accessories

PyGo can fit onto pretty much anything- clothes, pets and people. It has been designed to sit unobtrusively on clothes, pet collars, and can even be worn as jewelry. It is also able to be a clip-on carabiner or keyring.

There are a variety of different uses for the PyGo devices. From runaway dogs, elderly relatives, the first walk to school and misplaced keys, PyGo can help you find all of them. The best bit is, that’s just the beginning. After all, it’s your Pylife. You design what you want it to be.


Ashley checks in with Josh After School

INSERT SCREENSHOT OF JOSH ON A MAP It’s 3pm, and Josh begins to head home from school. Ashley checks her “Josh” channel and sees that he’s arrived inside the geofence set up on the Pylife map around the house where they live. She sends him a note to say, ‘peanut...

James and Ashley Go Mountain Biking

James and Ashley are out on their bikes with the rest of the mountain biking gang, 20 of them in total and they’re all very, very competitive. Ashley and James connect their PyGos together to create their own mesh and then get the others in the group connected to the...

Grandma Is Reminded of her Pills

John is out and about and thinking of Grandma. She's been forgetful lately. Last time he visited her, a two-hour drive away, he attached a PyGo to her neck and told her to wear it at all times. Thankfully, it looks ok, so she doesn’t mind. It seems to have gone down...


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