James and Ashley are out on their bikes with the rest of the mountain biking gang, 20 of them in total and they’re all very, very competitive.

  1. Ashley and James connect their PyGos together to create their own mesh and then get the others in the group connected to the PyMesh.
  2. Ashley then races ahead with the rest of the troupe who were eager to get going
  3. James has only ridden his bike once before, and in the forest, he’s a little slower than the rest.
  4. James suddenly has to skid to a halt, a flat tire to blame.
  5. He has to fix it, and it takes him around 10 minutes.
  6. Now James is truly alone, as the rest have raced ahead of him. Unfortunately, it’s a big forest, and there’s no mobile phone connection. Luckily, the PyMesh is on.


  1. James sends a note to Ashley and a pop up appears on Ashley’s screen.

  1. Ashley drops James a quick note to say she’s coming back to help.
  2. Within a few minutes Ashley is in sight, they help get the tyre fixed and James continues the trip with the whole team.
  3. The last thing James does before wrapping up for the day is check his performance stats.