1. Emma took Max out for a walk that would change up the routine a little, instead of the same old park, this time it was a beach area.

2. Max heads off to sniff the hedges, getting further and further away.

3. Luckily, Emma knows that Max is connected through his PyGo 1 to the PyMesh, which is active between themselves and anonymously with other Pylife Community members.

4. Emma has a PyGo 2 which is tethered to her phone, when Max sees a rabbit and runs off.

5. After a few minutes of calling Max in vain, Emma marks Max and his PyGo 1 as lost, and sends out an image of Max to the Pylife Mesh.

6. Others in the PyMesh (that Emma’s not connected to, so she can’t see them on the map) are alerted to Max being lost and receive an image of him.

7. One Pylife member sees Max, and sends a message to Emma letting her know that he will go and get him, as Max is closer to him then Emma.

8. Emma sees where Max is on the Pylife app, and thanks the man that has retrieved him for her.