Pylife is a company that wants to make modern life easier, by connecting us to our loved ones and things.

Our PyGo devices, and Pylife Mobile App is built on technology from parent company Pycom. The focus there is on developers and innovators in the world of technology. That’s why we trust our gadgets, and why we are happy to put them on the market.

Pylife started on Kickstarter, and is now able to provide a wide variety of products that suit any budget and lifestyle.

Pylife is part of Pycom, an IoT technology company.

The Vision

We are ambitious. We want to create a global network that uses technology to bring people and their communities, together. By doing this, everyone’s life becomes easier, more efficient and safer.


We're always happy to hear from people whether you're living the Pylife or not.

The Pylife Team can be contacted on