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We aim to create a global network that ties people and their communities together. Often, modern life can become overwhelming with the sheer number of communication apps out there, so we’ve united the options and created one main hub. Just for you.

Our PyGo devices are easily wearable, or sit perfectly in a pocket or on a collar. They then link to our Pylife mobile app, which allows you to communicate, map and visualise where your loved ones are and what they are doing.

Live the Pylife.

Exclusively on Kickstarter Nov-Dec 2018.
Pylife and PyGo, the Worlds Most Connected Device .


This small device is the key to Pylife. It enables communication between you and all of your precious things. It was designed for Pycom by an award-winning London-based design house, and can work with your mobile or with other PyGo devices.

There are two types of PyGo devices:

  • PyGo1 – non cellular device
  • PyGo2 – just like PyGo1 but with cellular network access added

Both devices have the same functionality and support the same features.
PyGo has been designed to sit unobtrusively on clothes, pet collars, as a necklace or attached to clothes or key rings. There are Clips for everything.


  • Compact size Compatible with all accessories
  • OLED Display for messaging and alerts
  • Never out of coverage – 5 Networks available
  • 4 Configurable Touch Screen Functions
  • 2-5 days battery life
  • Wireless Charging.

PyLife App

The Pylife App is our digital dashboard, where you will find all of your PyGo devices and their owners.  It has messaging, mapping and visualisation features, all in a bid to connect a community of people together.


  • Link PyGos to your phone and to your user account
  • Connect devices to each other or to the PyMesh
  • Subscribe to channels or create your own and invite your friends
  • Communicate – create and receive messages just like on other messaging platforms like Whatsapp or Messenger
  • Select exactly what you want your PyGo to do e.g. (monitoring, communicating, tracking…etc)
  • Show and communicate the location of PyGo devices
  • Send a message to the community in the event you need help
  • …and much more

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